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В избранное Обсудить Одной из важных составляющих любой торговой системы является нахождение правильных точек входа в рынок. Для этого применяют разные подходы.

Forex indicator levels SS SupportResistance — is, as the name implies, an indicator that displays on the price chart of the support and resistance zone. At the same time, the indicator SS SupportResistance, by its functionality, is, perhaps, the best level indicator at andrew sumner ss supportresistance forex moment. Each support and resistance zone is highlighted in a separate color and signed, and it is indicated whether it was tested or not.

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In addition, the SS SupportResistance indicator implements the MTF function, which allows you to select zones from the desired timeframe. The indicator displays a reversal level on the chart, which implies further price movement towards the breakdown.

The following are weak support levels and proven levels.

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Ie the minimums that the price tested several times and fought off. The top marks the levels that the price has not tested. The most likely scenario is that, upon completion of the correction, the price will move to un tested highs and pierce them to the north.

One of the best mtf support resistance indicator for mt4 with a lot of settings. Unique in its kind, suitable for various trading strategies.

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Alert can help you find the exact entry point. Looking at the channel level line, you can determine the daily repeatability of the market direction.

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Download for free and install the ex4 file on MT4.